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2010 Conference Papers

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07/06/2010 Session 10-06C Cold Stored Peaches & Plums Respond Differently to 1-Methycyclopropene (SmartFresh)
Authors: Aiman Jajo - Centre for Plants and the Environment
Barry McGlasson & Paul Holford - University of Western Sydney
Mark Jones - School of Natural Sciences, University of Western Sydney
John Golding - Gosford Primary Industries Institute, Industry & Investment NSW
Claudio Bonghi - University of Padova, Italy.
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07/06/2010 Session 10-07 What are our consumers telling us?
Agnes Barnhard Marketing Manager Horticulture Australia Limited to provide results of recent focus groups.
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07/06/2010 Session 10-06B APVMA Review of Dimethoate & Fenthion
Robyn Schipp - Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority
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07/06/2010 Session 10-06DB Low Temperature Breakdown of Stone Fruit
Dr Barry McGlasson University of Western Sydney. Note related paper under 10-06DA.
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07/06/2010 Session 10-06DA Low Temperature Breakdown of Stone Fruit
Dr Barry McGlasson University of Western Sydney. Note related paper under 10-06DB.
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07/06/2010 Session 10-06C A Systems Approach to Fruit Fly Management - Alternatives to Existing Controls
Katina Lindhout - NSW I & I Gosford Post Harvest Research Unit
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07/06/2010 Session 10-06A Regulatory Update ICA Compliance Scheme
Bernie Dominiac - I&I NSW Manager Plant Biosecurity
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07/06/2010 Session 10-05A Case Study of Orchardist Financial Planning
Budgeting, taxation planning, succession planning & superannuation - RBS Morgan & AustSafe Super
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07/06/2010 Session 10-04B Future Directions Weather & Climate
Greg Reid Project Officer, Industry and Investment NSW
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07/06/2010 Session 10-04A Adapting to a Changing Climate & East Coast Lows
Agata Imielska Climatologist, Bureau of Meteorology
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07/06/2010 Session 10-04C Crop Protection Measures A History of Crop Netting
VNet the latest cost effective innovation in crop netting systems and conversion of existing netting structures Mark Donnelly Business Development Manager, VP Structures
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07/06/2010 Session 10-04D A Study of Low to Medium Chill Rootstocks in Georgia and Effects on Production
Dr Tom Beckman Research Horticulturist USDA, Gainsville
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07/06/2010 Session 10-02B Priorities in the USA Low Chill Breeding Program
Dr Tom Beckman, Research Horticulturist USDA, Gainsville, USA
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07/06/2010 Session 10-03B Case Study on Tree Training Systems
Phillip Wilk NSW I & I
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07/06/2010 Session 10-03A Stone Fruit Nutrition & Orchard Management
Bob Nissen DEEDI
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07/06/2010 Session 10-03D Current Trends in Brown Rot Control
Dr Robert Holmes Vic. DPI
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07/06/2010 Session 10-03C Variability in Composition Among Fruit on Trees Using NIR to Monitor Changes
Dr John Golding NSW I & I
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07/06/2010 Session 10-02A Breeding New Varieties of Low Chill Stone F0000 Fruit for the Australian Market
Dr Bruce Topp DEEDI
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07/06/2010 Session 10-02C Overview of the Current Uni of Florida Low Chill Stonefruit Varieties in Australia
Gavin Porter CEO Australian Fruit Improvement Company
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07/06/2010 Session 10-02E Buchanans Nurseries Download File 614Kb  
07/06/2010 Session 10-01D Overview of USA Industry, Current Export Markets & Products
Gordon Smith Marketing Director, California Tree Fruit Agreement
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07/06/2010 Session 10-01C Summerfruit Australia Limited
Major issues, levy program promotion and R&D - John Moore CEO Summerfruit Australia Ltd
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07/06/2010 Session 10-01E NZ Case Study - Impact of Imported USA Stone Fruit, Varieties, Pricing & Outcomes
Sue Knowles Flourish Marketing NZ
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07/06/2010 Session 10-01A Low Chill Stone Fruit Industry Sector Statistics
Comparison to other major Australian Horticulture Industry competitors - Ray Hick President Low Chill Australia Inc.
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07/06/2010 Session 10-01B Biosecurity Update on USA Stone Fruit Imports
Darryl Barbour Plant Biosecurity Australia, Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries
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